Last night I went to my first ever political gathering. I’ve been a dormant member of the Labour Party for about a year. I joined after brexit, when enough was enough and some action had to be taken. As far as I could see people don’t feel listened to, no-one has any time or space fir anyone else and we are in danger soon of overlooking humanity so badly, that society will surely implode.

The Labour Party are in my mind the closest spokesmen for how I want the world to be, which is simply kinder to the planetĀ and also to each other.

The rally was in the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow, the main draw being a election speech by leader Jeremy Corbyn. I turned up on my own, knowing no one there and after nearly chickening out I forced myself in and bought myself a pint. In the main hall I found a seat on the end of a row and first up were some mini speeches by various Scottish candidates standing in the election, all were inspiring in their own way and met with great whoops and cheers from the crowd, which left me wondering if I would ever be that passionate about someone merely speaking on a stage, but then enter Mr Corbyn.The most eloquent, passionate, caring and endearing person in the room by far. He is an inspiration.And quite frankly come June 6th in my mind our only hope. I will now continue to campaign as much as I can in his name and keep my fingers crossed that miracles can happen, please, please people!

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